About Us

To our dear friends, family, community, followers, participants, families of participants and participants to be....

...To you, who is taking the time out to read our story,

Welcome! My name is Bernadette and I am the Operations Manager at National Disability and Aged Care Services (NDACS).

Over 4 million people in Australia are living with disability. That’s one in every 5 people. So, the Australian Government needed to find a better way look after Australians who need additional support to give them a better quality of life, choice and control. So the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was formed. 

I believe writing the story about “us” in the form of a letter, would serve the purpose better than in a statement, because we genuinely care about our participants wellbeing. So by writing a letter, my aim was to make this more personal so you know what type of service you will receive from us. 

This organisation was initially established as a family owned company, made for families in the hope that we would gain more family – our participants and our staff. We have been working in the disability sector for over 10 years, providing services through transportation to children accessing schooling, home buildings and modifications, providing access to community events and so on...

I can promise that everyone who you or your loved one will come in contact with from within our organisation will: 
- Listen to you
- Treat you with respect
- Check up on you
- Care about you and your well-being
- Do our best to help you reach your goals
- Deliver superior quality care through continuous improvements by asking you how we can improve our services to you
- Ensure you are given choice and control over services provided to you.

We will come out to you and meet with you. We will cater a plan around your needs and wants. We will come and check in on your progress every year before your preplanning session and make sure your on track to achieving your goals and satisfied with the services provided. We will call in and check up on you on a regular basis. And we will not charge you for these extra services. We want you to see first hand what makes us different to other providers.

This is the beginning of our story and I look forward to hearing more about your story. I hope you look through our website and find what you are looking for. 

NDACS. The Home of Hope.

With love,
Bernadette xx